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Anthony: Just Trying to Make a Way For My Family

I’m a Hard working 33 year old Man that Does Anything and Everything I Can for other. Whether it’s difficult for me to handle or not.

My passion is music and that’s also my escape. I LOVE making music and providing for My family. Its hard to do that when I pay so much in child support and try to provide for My family. I don’t have a Million dollar job so funds are very limited.

I can only get music done when I have to connect with a free beat or somebody with a studio at home that just records for fun. Half of my check is taken before I can even see it due to child support so all my other funds go towards my bills to keep food in the fridge, a warm house and clothes on my kids back.

This 1000 dollars would be so gratefully appreciated and used to fund my project I’m working on. Its Been Raining for a long time now… Just waiting for that “it doesn’t last forever” moment.

Thanks for your time

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