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Anthony: Motivates Foundation

Am Anthony Ampofo-Adom a name given to me by Nana MacLean Amos Justine Adom and Madam Rose Adjie and my step mother Angnes Ntim.

I come from Western Region of Ghana.

Am very strong in everything I do ,very talented, and a lovable person who puts smiles on people faces. My like is to talk, due to my taking i was able to change a bad feeling about me which leads me motivating myself maintaining directions and staying focus all the time. I took that courage solving problems which others couldn’t which improved my interest.

In life it always good to do the right thing.

I build a foundation call Motivates Foundation to help build lives, develop interest, aspire others with motivating stuffs which for the last two years I have been financing myself through the taken from home. Motivates Foundation has been my will to provide easy asses to open locks doors and to maintain them.

This avenue created started with some college friends whom took finances from me and it got to a time when was not able to provide them they all left.

I believed in motivating as willingness and lovely job to provide for others. Took the race to myself and God willing is on going.

Creative is an act God gave to me freely.

Motivatesfoundation was a foundation I build with my own vision, mission, strategic objectives and a core target to facilitate the strong feelings among the beneficials and unbeneficial.
God willing the foundation was able to attain to two solids programs which aimed by imparting knowledge to some students and also providing them with some gifts which came out from my own money.
God willing I had about 10 followers but their strength was very limited in supporting my vision because of that I had to denied my ways by choosing others skills to fast better others.

I was able to set up a program for myself.

(SAY_IT_SERIES)- I started talking about #RELATIONSHIP TIPS. Why! I have much interest with matters relating to relationship.

My life was build through motivations, but through interest and analysing who I am, developing, telling myself I can and I believed if l’m to provide such privileges to my lovely young once it will really introduced them to better their lives. I never gave up.

Friends use to tell me more about their difficult lives, pretending to scare me, giving me negative taught, providing my life with false insights, telling me it won’t be possible. But the fact is they new the answers to these, I listen to my vision and started processing and proceedings to study more about who, where, and why about my life.

There is a lot of people out there who are like and even more, trying to find out how they can be successful in life, they have tried all the possibilities around them but still is not working out,
I believe motivation can introduced another path which will develop their interest and show them the path to build their own lives.

Thank you.

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