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BRUCE: I need financial support to help me buy sewing machine and other inputs

I started by buying second hand clothing “(Foss)” on credit and sell them,after selling them,then I pay my creditors.

Three months later,l was able to buy and pay instantly.But later on,the market of the second hand clothing went down, so I adopted a strategy to rebrand them with some African print to boost the sale of it. And truly it worked for me. Though sales was alright, but the cost of production was a bit higher.

Because,after buying the second hand clothing,l need to buy African print, like Kente, and then l send it to a fashion designer,and show him how I it to be done. And he too will charge me and do it for me.

Though after rebranding,sales is good ,but it’s very expensive.
And I’ve done this for almost a year now,and because I am with the tailor’s everyday,l got the opportunity to learn how to sew,and learn some on YouTube too. And not only the cost of production alone,sometimes I will send my clothes to the tailor’s for rebrand,but it will take up to two weeks before they will finish.,Because when they get different job,they will have attend to it before.

So now what I will need most is the sewing machine and some money to buy different brands of the African print(Kente) to rebrand different types of the clothes.

Even though I have l a lot of challenges, but I have employed three peoples that I work with to help sell them.Of which I have teach them how to sell some online too.

I will plead on you if you can support me with the sewing machine to help me reduce the cost of production.

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