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Emmanuel: Maybe this can be the life changer of me and my family

I’m not forcing to be selected but i think maybe this can be the opportunity for me to raise up my family’s destiny

I’m Emmanuel from Ghana a young teenager and the first born of my parent who want to make my family proud…i dont think this is real but in all there is no harm in trying WHO KNOWS THE FUTURE?? ONLY GOD?…my dad is a trader and hustler who earns a little and that money doesn’t even get in his palm it gets finish even before the payday because the expenses on the family is much

I don’t want to say more but if am the lucky winner of this 1K …am going to open a big provision shop for my mom open a company for my dad continue my schooling invest in the schooling of my younger 2 brothers and invest the rest of the money that is if there is some left…..i will use that investment to also help others in need for God’s hand to come upon me …thanks for the opportunity though…i appreciate

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