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Erica: Please help. Starting a business to support myself and family

I have always wanted to start a business in cloths and accessories so I could support myself and my family. I am the first of two girls from my parents but not my dad. My father lost his several years ago and my mom is a seamstress. My mom has been taking care of the whole family plus a nephew for years. The burden has just been too much for my parents. My little sister is still home after completing senior high school for the past four years.

I want to support myself so I can extend to my parents. They have given me education (not done yet) and I can only but make them proud.

I started something in beads but it hasn’t been too good because there have not been money to expand it. I take orders, do it and deliver (been a while) . I wanted to start cloths too but do not have funds too. So what I do is buy a fabric down when I get money.

If I get this money, it would go a long way in helping me invest in the business and then be able to support myself in school with the proceeds.

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