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Q: Who qualifies to make a submission?
A: Everyone who is in need of $1,000 to start a business, take care of educational needs and any other that would please the public to make a recommendation.

Q: Can I apply for someone?
A: Yes. You can make a submission for someone who cannot read or use the internet. You can also apply for the someone who for some reasons cannot do so. If you are applying for a minor below 18, use your name as payee and indicate the name of the minor in the message.

Q: Can I take part if I need money to handle health issues?
A: Yes but we do not encourage you to apply if your case need an immediate response as it may take up to 4 weeks for someone to be selected for the funds.

Q: Am I required to make any payments?
A: No

Q: I’m unemployed and I need the money but I don’t know what business to do. Any help?
A: We are have handpicked few business opportunities that may be of interest to you and how to go about with them. You may use the MENU of this website to navigate to the related blog posts to read. (Yet to be launched)

Q: How would winners be selected?
A: The general public would decide through interacting with your post. The post with the highest number of positive interactions from different people emerges as winner. Eg: If you someone comments on your post 10 times, and your friend’s post receives only two comments from two people, your friend becomes winner because two people interacted on his.

Q: Won’t other people create fake social media accounts to increase their chances?
A: Yes but there are measures in place to check these with the help of cookies and logging IP addresses of users. Such posts would be deleted with notice.

Q: Am I required to register?
A: Registration is not required by anyone.

Q: Can I ask families and friends on social media to recommend me?
A: Yes. People who would try to cheat the system by sending BOTS (Robots) would be disqualified.

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