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Financial constraints in the educational sector have killed many dreams in my community. Many young people have lost faith in the system and have resorted to all kinds of immoral activities in my community. This challenge has not left any household, I’m equally a victim of financial burden but upon all these challenges, I never gave up, I have set up a foundation called Dream Big Foundation, what I seek by setting up this foundation is to inspire people never to give up on their dreams and to also nurture talents. I was adjudged the Best writer in my school (Anglican SHS) in the 2015/2016 academic year so I have been using my writing skills to inspire people, motivate others that everything is possible. My friends in my community get amazed as how come I am able to make to the university, a boy from a very poor home. I always tell them my secret which is, I never let financial challenges to define who I want to be in the future. And that tends to be my driving force.

I come from a community where young boys and girls have given up on their future, they have lost faith in the systems thereby making the boys resulting into scam and girls running into doing ‘Kayaaye’ otherwise known as ‘power pack’ in the urban areas more especially Kumasi and Accra. These people find comfort in the verandas at the peril of armed robbers and rapist. These young girls get robbed and raped. This give rise to teenage pregnancy in my community. Most often than not, these young girls and boys are people who was not able to make it after senior high school. These people have no hope for the future anymore.

With this money, I intend to use my foundation to give these people Entrepreneurship skills. I intend to empower this young people to gain knowledge and skills they can rely on for their future betterment.
I intend to hire some specialists and trained personnel in the field of making washing powders, Tie-and-Dye making, body creams, make-ups applications, hairdressing skills, tailoring, weaving, beads making etc to empower the girls. For the boys, web designing, video editing, masoning, carpentry work, Animation designs, graphic designing, the field of mechanics etc to also empower them with these technical skills.

I believed the way to greatness and success is never limited to the attainment of a degree but the the skillfully branding of oneself.

I go back to my community and see young boys into scam, drug abuse and some into thievery. Young girls giving birth and running to the cities for greener pastures. I believed with this amount of money, I can change the status quo in my community, give them hope for the future and equip them with entrepreneurship skills.

With the ultimate help of God and the greatest contribution from You, there exists hope for the future.

My name is Imoro Ridwan, a student of knust, a passionate writer and an enthused believer of, it is possible.
The founder of Dream Big Foundation.

With God and with You, there exists much hope for me and my people.
Hoping to be hearing from you soon.

God bless you abundantly for your passionate contributions.

Thank you.

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