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I am President of STARS OF THE NEEDY INT, a charity group based in Kumasi-Ghana.

After 1 year of research, SONI discovered that, most kids who hawk on the streets, do so to raise money to support their education. As a young charity group that has never gotten sponsorship from anywhere before throughout our 4years of operation, we decided to do something within our small means to help such kids.

So the idea was, we investigate to identify street hawkers(kids) who sell to support their education and donate to them. To make it more interesting, we (members of SONI) hit the streets,buy out the goods of these selected kids, sell for them as they rest, after which we hand the proceeds over to them as well. That means every beneficiary gets double profits.

We have plans to sponsor some of these kids through the highest levels of education but financial constraints has hindered this vision.

The maiden edition of this event was done last year(August 2017). We need more funds to increase the number of beneficiaries this year. Again,with this money, we can buy some goods and sell to raise more money in support of the SONI EDUCATION FUND; a fund that seeks to financially support and provide basic school materials like textbooks, exercise books, uniforms, pens etc for less privileged pupils in deprived areas.

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