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Linda: Help Me To Help Another

Why I need the $1,000.00

  • 1.

    To help my academy sponsor its young, talented and needy players (I currently have only one player which i am even straggling to sponsor even upon all the loans taken by me.)

  • 2.

    To help train the peoples in my community in soap making, ice-cream,dettol and bathing gals and bring in resource personal to help as market the products.

  • 3.
    To help me under go an operation on my right arm.
    The operation will straighten the arm and do away with the pains and swelling at times.
  • 4.
    To help me under go a full scale check up on my left ear which am partially deaf in.(am currently deaf in my right ear and have been since I can hear and talk)
  • 5.

    To help me be a blogger to talk about the untold stories of teenage pregnancies/mothers/fathers and empower them to take care of themselves and their children so they do not became a burden on society.

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