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Mayor: Ghana Pride Awards

Ghana Pride Awards is a political awards project that promote faithful stewardship in nation building.

To inspire diligent, excellent, and faithful stewardship among public officers, appointed or elected to serve the state in various capacities, through a special award system that rewards deserving officers, who discharge their duties with prudence and excellence.

“Rewarding Excellence in State Stewardship”


  • To serve as motivation to public officers in order to boost their performance.
  • To make public the good works of political leaders that are often not seen by majority of the public.
  • To shed light on the manner in which political leaders discharge their duties, in order to serve as a check on them to do what is required of them.
  • To bring to the knowledge of the President of the State, the actual work (in graphic format) being done by his appointees compared to what is presented to him on paper.

Our objectives for the Ghana Pride Award project are as follows:

  • To ensure elected and appointed political officers feel highly motivated to work exceptionally hard in the discharge of their duties to the State.
  • That political officers will exhibit faithful stewardship over the assets and finances in their charge in the execution of their political responsibilities to the State.
  • To make corruption unattractive for public officers by inspiring political officers to, firmly, resolve to give off their best to the State and protect the resources in their stewardship.
  • To keep the President abreast with graphical (pictures and videos) information on the actual projects undertaken by elected and appointed political officers.
  • To help in keeping the public educated on the roles of each category of political officers.
  • To serve as a medium through which the problems of political officers will be communicated to the appropriate authorities.
  • To enhance the reputation of political officers in the eyes of the public.
  • To shape public perception of politicians.

I believed that, the sum of $1,000.00 would serve as a running cost in seeking for adequate sponsorship to fully embark on the project and enable us achieve the our goal in carrying out a proper research.

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